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The World's Coolest Built-Not-Bought Honda Civic

This is one built and not bought Honda Civic which represents the labor of love and has been handmade and engineered to be as speedy, efficient and exciting as it gets. We'r predicting this Honda Civic might intensely inspire you as well to procure a project car and turn it into an amazing automobile! The host of the video from Car Throttle describes this Honda Civic as the most inspiring car he has ever seen. Well, that surely speaks a lot about this project car. Click here to watch this featured youtube video


Happy Honda Civic Day!

This 1978 Honda Civic ad includes all of the essentials of a great family car commercial including a peppy everyday car on sunny roads and a young family in need of a ride. Over the past 40+ years, Honda has made a great many cars, but private owners still hang on to their classics.

Many truly did love the original Honda Civic. I'd expect everybody has some nice of story including this little car. It might have been a first new car, a friend's weekend go home machine in college, a parent's well-loved car. The Civic picked us up from school, took us camping, drove away from churches with tin cans tied to its bumper and a "Just Married" sign hung in the back window. It went on long very road trips, got wrenched on by back yard mechanics, got smashed up in traffic, got sent to the wreckers or sold to a friend. But in the end if the rust did not beat the Civic down, it just kept on purring.

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Police Academy

So as you can see, there's more than one Civic in Police Academy, there's three. The one the two guys drive, one as the riot is breaking out (yellow wagon), one as the Police Bus is driving up to drop off the Police Cadets. Here's some shots of the famous movie clips that everyone talks about. Police Academy, Footloose, MacGyver, 1978 Honda Civic in Back to the Future

Police Academy Police Academy

Junk Yard Finds

What's Up In So Cal Junk Yard Finds

During the 1970s, if you were sensible and had a fat bankroll, you did not buy an Eldorado or Mark IV or even a Toyota Crown. No, you bought a Honda Civic, and then you kept it while the pages flew off many decades of calendars. If you were really serious, you got the Gas mizer CVCC four-cylinder, as the original purchaser of this now-retired-at-age-43 - 44 Riverside, CA did.

Unlike many elderly cars in California, this one has some nasty body damage. If you live close to the ocean and by close we are talking a few blocks at most the salt spray and daily morning fog will cause top-down rust on outdoor-parked cars. This one is not all that bad compared to some examples of Pacific Ocean Body Rot we have seen, but this one appears worthy of restoration.

These Civics are now virtually extinct, both on the street and in the junkyard, because they were used up and summarily discarded. There isnt much enthusiast interest in restoring these cars, so backyards and driveways are not full of get-to-it-someday projects. Thus you will not see the steady trickle of 1973-80 Civics into wrecking yards the way you do Fiat 124 Sport Spiders or MGBs. The CVCC engine ran so clean that Honda was able to omit the use of the primitive early catalytic converters that strangled performance in Malaise Era cars, giving the early Civic a gigantic edge over its competition both in performance and fuel economy. As emissions standards became stricter, the CVCC engines were burdened with both catalytic converters and comically elaborate tangles of smog-related hardware.

In 1978, nothing could compete with the Civic on its own turf. The Corolla might have been more reliable, but it was less fun to drive and its rear-wheel-drive configuration made it more cramped. The Rabbit was fun, but it broke early and often. I owned a 5 of these things, loved them, and have driven Civics almost most of my life. Aggressively greedy California Honda dealers sold these cars for well over MSRP. Buyers were happy to pay the extra cash to avoid driving such horrors as the Chevrolet Chevette or shudder the Fiat Strada.

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