What is Honda Civic Special X

Special X model was produced for the Canadian market based on the “1200″ model

Special XThe Special-X was released in 1978 as 1979 model in Canada. It only came in black with a yellow to orange to red stripe down the side and included the following options:

-Red hound’s-tooth interior- door panels and seats
-Wooden 2 spoke steering wheel
-Wooden Shift Knob
-Chrome sifter
-Red deluxe gauge set
-Special-X decals on sides and rear
-Red center caps
-Amber/Red tail lights
-Mud flaps that have HONDA in red
-5spd transmission
-Paint Code B-14M

Below a new drivers side mirror for the Special X, this a close up picture of the mirror. Note the specs of green. Looking on an angle you can see a red haze to the paint. But from a distance it is black clear coat paint. -Paint Code B-14M


Year/Model Motor CC Bore Stroke HP TQ Compression
78-79-1200 EB3 1237 72mm 76mm 50 @ 5k 67 @ 2k 8.1:1

Additional Information

1979 1200: The EB3 was very different from the previous years. The most notable differences were the domed pistons and the new head (dished combustion chamber and larger valves).

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The Honda RS Civic

The RS is the ultimate factory Civic

Dubbed Road Sailing, it was a more performance oriented civic opposed to the standard economy-boxes we all know. It was released with an 1170cc EB1 motor pumping out 70hp compared to the 50hp of the standard model. Engine modifications included twin Keihin carburetors, a freer flowing exhaust manifold, longer duration cam (15 degrees), domed pistons (bumped compression up to 8.6:1), and strengthened crank bearings.

Handling was increased with a set of stiffer springs (30%), shorter stiffer struts and 13″ wheels wrapped in 155-80-13 tires. The wheels were black with a polished lip and had a red “H” center cap- this is where the red Honda “H” started. Besides the RS badge on the front grill other exterior options included flared fenders, fender mounted rear view mirrors, and a slightly different bumper assembly.

The RS’s were only released in warm red/orange paint schemes. The predominantly black vinyl interior included a wooden steering wheel and shift knob, center console, grab handles, a mechanical tachometer graded to 7k rpm, and a center auxiliary pod with fuel/temp gauges and an air vent. The US gauge pods merely had the gauges for fuel and temp.

2012 new Honda Civic vs 1st Generation Civic RS

The N600

The N600 was produced in March 1967

It was a front-wheel drive two-door sedan with a 78.7-inch wheelbase and approximately 122inches long. It was technologically advanced for its time.

It had a mere height of 52.2inches and a curb weight of 1213lbs powered by a type S2, SOHC, 599 cc (36.553 cu in) air cooled 2 cylinder engine able to reach a top speed of 81 mph. This little car was suspended on rear torsion bar and leaf springs.

It was the first front wheel drive 2 door sedan Honda imported into North America in March of 1970, It was first introduced in Hawaii in 1969. It was priced around $1,300.00 us.

Fully Loaded Honda N-600