1StGenCivic.com Where It all Began!

Welcome to the on-line community of First Generation Honda Owners. Currently have almost 3000 registered member to the site. Our beautiful antique auto mobiles range from the first 1973 Honda Civic to 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978 and 1979; 1200′s and CVCC models. Accords, Preludes and all first generation cars as well as the classics.

Our strength as a group has allowed us to get exposure to the web and magazines. Our affiliates have a good reputation with members for fair service and good prices. Members themselves have been the sites best asset and many are willing to help out others whenever they can.

There is no special requirements to join. All are welcome and you don’t need to have a modified car to be accepted. Most members have stock or relatively stock cars.

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Steph’s ’78 1200

This is the top most replied to topics in the members project forum. I thought I’d create one of these threads to document my progress, instead of posting it all over the shop. On Monday I had the front suspension and brakes replaced. This included; new struts, lower control arms, tie-rod ends, driveshafts, wheel bearings, steering rack boots, all the rubber bushes were replaced with urethane bushes, discs, pads, and brake hoses. I have to say the difference is enormous. The ride is smoother, but the cornering is just amazing. I had to do a quick U-turn yesterday and the car felt like it was glued to the road. It didn’t just turn, it actually felt a little disturbing, because I’m used to all the body roll and under-steer, and by applying the regular amount of force to the steering, the car abruptly turned and all the time stuck to the road, without any squealing. Next week I hope to get the rear suspension and brakes fitted. I’m planning on fitting my wheels this weekend, so picture to come, Follow Topic

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Angus Button Honda Civic(1200)

Angus ran the 12.628@113mph he did it on 185/60/13″ Dunlop Type R tyres and had an open diff. He hoped to get a stronger gearbox and put my LSD back in so I can use my slicks and hopefully get a low 12 second quarter mile. On low boost 10-11psi I can beat most cars on the road. But on 18psi it is a beast and is more power than I need. At 100kph in 3rd gear I can push the accelerator down and spin the wheels. It now revs to 7500rpm. As you can see the new rods by AGO are huge and I am told good for 200HP each. This is to cope with the extra boost I intend to run.

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Classic Car Show

10 years ago a group of Southern California car enthusiasts got together with the idea of putting on a new event – one that would celebrate vintage Japanese automobiles and the culture that surrounds them. At the time this was a pretty bold idea, as classic Japanese cars had yet to reach mainstream acceptance.

Fast forward 10 years, JCCS has become one of Southern California’s premier car gatherings. In recent years the event has grown right alongside the popularity of classic Japanese cars themselves.

It is and remains to be America’s First and Original Japanese Car Show, Dedicated to Old

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